Providing turn-key engineered automated solutions for a variety of applications – from product handling to complex manufacturing processes and controls:

  • controls for integration of multiple manufacturing phases 

  • design and build custom equipment to meet specific process demands

  • product transfer and handling equipment

  •  production monitoring systems and data transfer to cloud

Design and build custom tooling solutions to aid and improve manufacturing processes at various stages of fabrication and product handling:

  • assembly fixtures
  • customized tooling for plastic parts:
    • Heat staking
    • Infrared welding
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Hot/Cold cropping
    • De-gating
  •  custom design for specialized processes
    • Notching, trimming, cutting

Define validation processes and engineer the necessary tooling and equipment for in-line or auxiliary testing:

  • vision systems implementation

  • leak testing equipment

  •  BSR testing fixtures

  • Impact testing equipment

  • Life cycle testing fixtures

  • flow testing equipment